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A walk in the park with Valgrind and Yosemite

03.02.15 | Permalink | Comment?
I used to install Valgrind with Homebrew. However after upgrading to Yosemite, the support for Valgrind got lost… Since my development environment is a remote server running OpenSuse this incompatibility wasn’t really a problem apart from annoying my geeky urge to be up-to-date. Following this response to a Stackoverflow post valgrind installed like a breeze […]

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A change of bass

07.10.13 | Permalink | Comment?
Again,  I was tempted by second hand bass gear in DBA and bought this new awesome Phil Jones stack consisting of the Suitcase combo and 4B extension cabinet. The amazing thing is that the 25Hz – 15KHz frequency range is accomplished with mere 5″ speakers. The manual for the combo and the cabinet describes in […]

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Listen up

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Spending a good 30 min on my bike every day to and from work eventually becomes quite tedious without some sort of distraction. At least for me podcasts do the job the perfectly. In fact it’s not until quite recent that I started listening to podcasts, previous I mostly listened to music while biking. So […]


Latex for fun

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While searching for solutions for some problems, I came upon the simpsons and coffee packages. The former is enables shortcode for all characters from the Simpsons and the latter allows overlayed coffee stains to be inserted into your latex paper. Quite nice, geeky and somewhat superfluous:) To install the packages download the simpsons and coffee. I […]



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Finally, after postponing the submission twice, I finished my master thesis and handed in. Although not entirely perfected I am quite satisfied with the result. In a few weeks I will have my defense and then…? In a moment of hybridian excess I decided not to go for a second interview round at Novozymes for […]
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