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04.15.13 | Comment?

While searching for solutions for some LaTeX_Logo problems, I came upon the simpsons and coffee packages. The former is enables shortcode for all characters from the Simpsons and the latter allows overlayed coffee stains to be inserted into your latex paper. Quite nice, geeky and somewhat superfluous:)

To install the packages download the simpsons and coffee. I use the texlive distribution of LaTeX_Logo so the steps might not apply to your installation.

For the coffee package,
  1. Create library called coffee in in this path “(TEX INSTALL DIR)/texmf-dist/tex/latex/coffee”
  2. Copy the coffee4.sty  into the directory
  3. Run texhash or mktexlsr as sudo to add coffee to your available packages
  4. Check out coffee4.pdf for usage instructions

For simpsons,

  1. Create folder called simpsons: “(TEX INSTALL DIR)/fonts/tfm/public/simpsons”
  2. Copy simpsons.tfm into this folder
  3. Create a folder called simpsons: (TEX INSTALL DIR)/texmf-dist/tex/latex/simpsons
  4. Copy the simpsons.sty into this folder
  5. Create a folder on this path: “(TEX INSTALL DIR)/fonts/source/simpsons
  6. Copy the all *.tfm files into this directory
  7. Run texhash or mktexlsr as sudo to add coffee to your available packages

Check this post by David Richeson for a probably better guide to install the two packages:)

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